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Water Wonders Fountains - Modern art fountains for home or business!

Water Wonders Fountains are true expressions of art, capturing the beauty of natural materials (copper, slate, glass, river rocks, pebbles and chrome) along with a waterfall fountain one never forgets! Water Wonders, a company based in California, crafts all of their water fountains by hand. If you are looking for a special modern fountain for any interior or exterior space, Water Wonders is worth checking out, pronto! Their fountains can be placed: in office buildings, waiting rooms, hospitals, doctors offices, lobbies, spas, dentist and doctors office, lodges, inns and of course, your home!

Water Wonder Products

Water Wonders indoor wall fountains (a few designed for outdoor use) are meant to be hung on the wall like a painting.

Water Wonders copper wall fountains are like fine art, made from materials: copper, slate, glass, pebbles and river rock.

Fountain sizes range from mini, small, medium and large and can accommodate narrow and large wall spaces.

For table top fountains, their selection includes slate or glass. Most pieces are framed by flame finished copper; popular choices include: Moonshadow and Haiku Falls.

Fountains for the floor (floor fountains) are designed with a similar hand to their, natural, yet modern, wall fountains. Water Wonders Tower Wave and Haiku Tower Fountains are exquisite and worth checking out. Additional fountains include a selection of floor, or, if hung, wall fountains incorporating glass in the design.

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