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Solar Water Fountains - Which Ones to Buy?

For now there is a limited selection of solar water fountains available compared to electric ones. However, those that are available do the job they're intended to do which is to use energy from the sun to charge and power an electric pump.

Benefits to buying a solar water fountain include not only taking yourself off of the electrical-grid, but also forgetting about the need for a GFI outlet and worries about how to hide the cord. While the marketplace for solar fountains is growing. Count on greater selection in the years to come as solar and alternative energy becomes a more mainstream way of life.

Solar Water Fountains, Bird Baths and Water Pumps:

Solar Water Pumps - If you're looking for a sun-powered pond jet, take a look at Sunjet 450 Solar fountain. This part can be in the small backyard pond where the solar powered water jet creates interest as it keeps water moving to inhibit algae growth, mosquito breeding and foul smells. Learn more about solar pond pumps.

Solar Outdoor Fountains - Also, take a look at the selection of solar powered fountains online. One we like is the "Terracotta Solar Cascade Fountain" because it is affodable selling for around $150. There are also numerous two tiered solar fountains which would fit in beautifully in cottage and English style gardens, and many others.

How to set up and care for a solar fountain?

To get working all you have to do is position the solar panels in direct sunlight and add water. To care for your fountain, be sure to store the water fountain's pump and panel in a dry, frost-proof environment, during winter. Also, make sure that the pump is never operating in a dry environment because this will destroy it.

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