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Solar Pond Pumps - The Eco-Friendly Way to Save you Money!

Looking to buy a solar pond pump but don't really know much about it? Well don't worry. We're going to address several issues concerning solar pond pumps and by time you're finished reading, you'll be armed with information. Topics we will discuss include: should you buy an external or submersible solar powered pump; what kind of maintenance is required; do you have enough sunlight to harness the energy needed to run the pump; what are the benefits to using a pond pump; comparison of solar vs electric pumps; and pump types available.

Why Do you Need a Pond Pump in the First Place?

1. If you have Koi fish or any kind of aquatic life, your pond will need a pump to keep the water healthy, circulating, and clean without algae building up. Pumps are responsible for oxygenating your pond; they offer you a mechanical approach to keeping your pond clear and visible.

2. To create any water-effects, like a waterfall or a fountain, your pond will need a pump!

Solar Pond Pump versus an Electrical One

The cost of investing in the pump may not be as important as the overall benefit of saving on electricity costs for running an electric pond pump. So if you want to save money and at the same time harness the sun's energy for free, to power your pump, you begin to see the inherent advantages to going with a solar one. However, don't expect the solar pond pump to be maintenance free.

What Parts Are Included With a Solar Pond Pump Kit?

Usually the parts include a solar panel and a low voltage water pump with filter. Some solar fountain pumps, like brand: Sunjet, come with 3-different fountain heads giving you a choice of spray patterns. If you want to lift the water for maximum fountain height (say around 3ft high) a head is included.

How to set up the pump?

Check with your manufacturer, but instructions should be straight forward. In general, you will either be placing your pump on the water's surface or you will fully submerge it. For the solar panel, you will need to locate it in a spot that gets direct sunlight.

Don't some pumps come with a battery back-up?

Yes, they do and these are useful for continuous flow. Remember, the solar panel is designed to work best with direct sun light. That means that the brighter the sun the stronger the flow.

What to keep in mind when buying a solar pond pump

The flow rate or GPH - gallons per hour.

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