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Pond Lights - Submersible Kits and Solar Floating Lights!

One of the ways you can highlight the beautiful focal-features of your pond at night is to install pond lights. These lights come in kit-form, or you can buy parts separately, and put together the necessary components on your own. Some of the leading manufacturers of pond lighting includes: Beckett, Little Giant, Atlantic, Pondmaster, Calpump, Alpine, Hozelock, Kichler, Nightscaping Lighting, Sunterra, AquaGlow and Hinkley.

From these manufacturers, and others, you can find a wide variety of pond and pool lighting. Two types of pond lights available are submersible and solar floating.

Is Pond Lighting Energy Efficient?

In general, pond lighting is energy-efficient because most of the lighting selection operates on a 12volt low voltage current as opposed to a standard current which is 120 volts. Using this type of pond lighting will keep your costs down because they use less electricity.

Solar Pond and Pool Lights:

Solar pond lights are designed to float on the surface of your pond, not to be submerged below. These types of fixtures are popular, mainly because they provide for fun pool accents and are useful if your home-pond is far from an electric power source. Here are some favorites:

Solar Powered Floating Light Globe - This solar-powered floating globe shines bright in every color, casting brilliant reds, greens, yellows and more colors on landscape features, fountains, pathways and statues.
Solar-Powered Floating Water Lilies -Set of 3 lights in colors: purple, red and yellow.
Solar Pond Lights at

Low Voltage Pond Lighting Kits:

If you buy a pond lighting kit it should come with all of the necessary components. These include: a transformer; light or lights with a decent length cord; and clear, plus maybe, colored lenses. To buy, we recommend Amazon for the best price and free shipping. Take a look their pond light kits from Beckett, Sunterra, Dannon Pondmaster. Cost for kits range from $40 to $200.

If you want to DIY, you can buy parts separately. Just make sure that everything is designed for the use you have in mind. For example, if you are looking to buy lighting for a fish pond, make sure that the fixtures are suitable for fish and aquatic life. An example of where a fixture could reek havoc in your Koi pond is by mistakenly using a copper fixture which can form copper sulfate and harm your fish. Also, not all water lights are designed for use with any so-called water feature. Always check with the manufacturer's recommendations for use.

Pond UV Lights - What's the Difference from LED and Halogen?

Even though the name is Pond UV lights these lights are not what you'd think. In fact, contrary to the name, pond UV lights are used for filtration to keep a pond clean and algae-free not for lighting.

To buy, take a look at the submersible
40-Watt Ultraviolet Pond Light
for killing algae and bacteria by Pondmaster. Cost is around $200. This UV light is excellent for small ponds up to 6,000 gallons and using pumps up to 3000 GPH.

About - Light Bulbs for Pond Lighting:

The 2 most common light bulbs used for pond lighting are LED and Halogen; and wattage is typically either 10w or 20w.

Brand, Calpump, makes 'Mini Egglites' that use LED. Atlantic's LED lighting system uses built in photo-cell technology which automatically turns the light on at dark and off at dusk. Advantages to using LED over halogen? As we know, LED bulbs last virtually forever which means you won't have to even think about replacing them. Also, LED uses very little electricity.

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