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Outdoor Wall Fountains - Enhance Alcoves and Exterior Walls!

There is a wide selection of outdoor wall fountains available. Ranging from large decorative glass wall fountains made with slate and copper from brands such as Water Wonders (modeled after the popular interior glass fountains), to traditional styled out-of-door fountains made from cast stone, resin, fiberglass, bronze and marble.

  • Low price guarantee
  • Finishes: brick, moss, terra cotta, verdigris and wrought iron
  • For deck or patio
  • Best selection of fountains online

Selection: Wall water fountains

  • If your budget is tight, look towards buying a lightweight fiberglass or resin acrylic fountain cast with a natural stone finish. Especially popular, are the lions head and vineyard outdoor wall fountain systems made from this material. Other sculpted fountains include: Bacchus, Cherubs and Acanthus leaf inspired by some of the great fountains of Europe.
  • More expensive, but definitely worth it, are bronze and marble wall and alcove mounted fountains. Take a look at brand: Henri fountains, for bronze. These elegant sculptured fountains are of heirloom quality, offering richness today, and long lasting value for generations to come.
  • For modern style outdoor décor, take a look at the large Nojoqui and Waikiki Beach wall fountains by Water Wonders. These outdoor glass fountains are pieces of art that are lighted to display the beauty within.

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