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Outdoor garden fountains - Find out what's available online!

With a growing number of garden related retailers on the Internet, shopping online for outdoor garden fountains, bird baths and fountain accessories is one of the best ways to go. Prices often include free shipping (especially on more expensive exterior fountains) and sales tax may or may not be charged. With heavyweight garden fountains: bronze, concrete and stone, it's nice to have the convenience of shipping and delivery.

Online Selection

Basically, if you're someone who likes to get to know all that's available before you narrow in on what you like: the Internet is your best source! Why? Because you've got outdoor garden fountain and fountain accessory companies from all over the country competing for your online business and featuring a selection of outdoor fountains perhaps not available locally.

So, whether you are a homeowner looking for a small tabletop fountain for the backyard table, or a commercial developer looking for a grandiose 3 tier bronze fountain with statues of children, selection is on your side.

Brands and Outdoor Fountain types

There are many designers and manufacturers of garden fountains, some, such as Water Wonders, produce some of the most stunning and artistic outdoor wall fountains around!
Using natural materials like copper, slate, glass, pebbles, these garden wall fountains are created beautifully and hang on an exterior wall like a painting.

Another manufacturer, Kenroy, designs wonderful garden fountains for outdoor décor. Often made of the lightweight material resin/acrylic and finished with chrome, bronze and copper fountains are sleek and modern enhancing the outdoor décor of many backyards and courtyard gardens. Kenroy fountains also happen to be very affordable!

A few other brands to check out: Brass Baron, (for brass garden spitters: cranes, dolphins, frogs); Nayer Kazemi (for artistic metal and natural material hand made fountains); Henri fountains (wonderful casted stone and bronze fountains); Beckett garden fountains (manufactures lightweight fountains: from American country and classical to modern sleek contemporary ones. Beckett uses acrylic resin and finishes with fine marble, stone, concrete, and bronze).

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