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Outdoor Fountain Articles

Here are some articles about outdoor fountains. Learn more about the fountain types available and some of the benefits to incorporating a fountain into your exterior.

Concrete Fountains - What choices are available?
There are a number of types of concrete fountains available for enhancing outdoor décor.

Copper Fountains - Rain Chains, Solar, Tabletop, Floor and Copper Wall Fountains
Such a well loved material, copper finds itself in some of the most decorative garden fountains around.

Garden Water Fountains - Why they are useful in design!
Imagine the garden water fountains within courtyards and squares in Moorish influenced southern Spain in the 16th century.

Outdoor garden fountains - Find out what's available online!
With a growing number of garden related retailers on the Internet, shopping online for outdoor garden fountains, bird baths and fountain accessories is one of the best ways to go.

Solar water fountains
From the Sunjet 450 Solar fountain for ponds to the ceramic, copper, and terra cotta cascading outdoor garden fountains: solar water fountains are here to stay.

Wall Water Fountains: The Attraction of Glass!
There is something very refreshing about seeing water trail down glass as so many beautiful wall water fountains have been created to do.

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