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Modern Fountains - Selections for indoor and outdoor use!

Designing some of the most exciting modern fountains around, designer Neil Slater of Water Wonders is a true gem. For indoor and outdoor use, Water Wonders fountains range from interior and exterior wall fountains, table top and floor fountains.

Modern Indoor Fountain Selection:

What makes these water features attractive to contemporary décor? Simple! Fountains are uncomplicated expressing texture and form in the most natural way. Materials: slate, pebbles, copper and glass are used to create captivating contemporary fountains which do double duty as exquisite art fountains.

The modern wall fountains range in size from small to large and can enhance the wall of a living room, waiting room, lobby, doctors office - you name it. Much like a tapestry or painting, these contemporary fountains decorate the wall and complement the surroundings. Take a look at for a complete selection.

Outdoor Fountainry

If you're looking for a modern outdoor water feature stick with simple. Traditional and classical style fountainry includes a lot of mythical figures. If you're looking for modern, choose simple orbs, globes and obeslisks; these are less ornate and more geometrical.

The materials will vary for this type. Choose from appropriate fountain selections made from copper, stone and concrete.

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