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Interior Wall Fountains - Check out Water Wonders and Harvey Gallery Fountains!

Resin, Acrylic, Slate and Copper - just a primer for you about what materials are being used to create many of todays decorative interior wall fountains. With the use of these materials, wall mounted fountains are being hung like fine art.

Contemporary by design, most wall fountains (see Water Wonders, Harvey Gallery and Joseph McGowan) enhance home décor. Interior fountains hang on the wall, taking up no floor space. The appeal is both to enjoy the aesthetic beauty and decoration these fountains display, along with the peaceful feel echoed from the sounds of gentle flowing water.

Some of the best selling indoor wall fountains are made by manufacturers: Kenroy, Water Wonders and Harvey Gallery. For the most affordable indoor water features take a look at Kenroy's wall/floor fountains. Made from lightweight resin and finished in gorgeous slate Kenroy designs many desirable pieces for home decor.

Another fountain manufacturer, Water Wonders, also features exquisite wall fountains for interior décor. Using lustrous copper framing outside of slate and pebble designed waterfalls the fountains are absolute eye candy.

Particularly impressive are the large wall fountains like triple paneled(lighted) WallWaves. Water Wonders also designs exquisite medium and small sized interior art fountains. Some are designed to hang vertically others horizontally.

For a touch a Cezanne, Renoir or Picasso blended into a wall fountain, nothing compares to the pieces designed by Harvey Gallery. Here you have acrylic painted fountains with names like: Monet's Dream, San Francisco Night, Creation, Koi and Psychoanalysis Wall Fountain.

Also see; Harvey Gallery, Water Wonders and Indoor fountains

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