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Indoor Wall Fountains - Find Out What's Available!

Let's start by saying if you're into Feng Shui, don't place your indoor wall fountains on the south wall. Why? According to the principles of Feng Shui the south is associated with fire, and water would symbolically extinguish the benefits of fire's influence.

However, with another interior wall chosen, perhaps; not only will you benefit from the soothing sounds of cascading water, the water fountain will also add great decoration.

What Types of Indoor Wall Fountains are Available?

There are many kinds of wall water fountains available each one possessing the ability to either accentuate the vertical or horizontal plane on which it is mounted. Nice thing about water walls is that you don't have to sacrifice floor space, especially if you have a small space. Beautiful like artwork you can find interior wall fountains in any number of materials including copper, chrome, or slate. Most of these fountains are enclosed in glass and include lights.

Indoor Wall Fountains

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One such example is an indoor copper wall fountain manufactured by Water Wonders. This hand-made waterfall fountain is encased in a copper frame made with clear coating that is flame finished. Within, the water cascades down a natural hand-worked slate panel and falls into a pool of water in a copper basin. It's exquisite!

Best Brands - Water Wonders and Harvey Gallery

As mentioned above, Water Wonders indoor wall fountains are like pieces of art. These fountains, as with most interior hanging fountains, are easy to assemble and mount. Fountain sizes include small, medium and large and are designed to be hung like paintings on interior walls.

For art-wall fountains, brand, Harvey Gallery is the designer to check out. Designed with acrylic paints, Harvey Gallery Fountains creates unique indoor wall fountains that flow on top of decorative paintings. With the look of Picasso, Renoir or Monet these paintings are colorful and fun. Popular sellers include: Fireflies, Koi and Vineyard.

For a courtyard area or entryway, traditional European inspired wall fountains made from lightweight resin and fiberglass offer classical motifs with lion heads, cherubs, acanthus leaves and more!

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