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Garden Fountains - Keep Up with What's Available!

Welcome to Best in Garden fountains! Adding one outdoors, indoors or both will certainly enhance your décor as well as provide you with soothing sounds to make your space inviting.

Outdoor Garden Fountain Selection:

For selection, there are many outdoor fountains for your garden or backyard. Choices include outdoor wall fountains, floor, tabletop as well as decorative statue fountains made from a variety of materials including: concrete, stone, bronze, wood, ceramic, copper, slate, ceramic, fiberglass and resin.

Solar water fountains are growing in popularity. With a somewhat limited selection for now, you can still purchase and enjoy sun operated waterfall fountains, solar bird baths and solar run pond jets. These solar powered systems require sunlight to operate and can save you money in the long run.

For a permanent garden location, heavyweight and durable materials such as concrete, stone, and bronze can last forever. Bronze fountains and statues are very elegant and Henri Fountains Elite Line (Henri Studios) features beautiful European inspired fountainry with statues of Lion Heads, Children, Cherubs, Dolphins and more. For the look of bronze, brand: Brass Baron manufactures exceptional brass pond and pool spitters featuring cranes, dolphins and frogs.

Henri also makes lightweight and true cast stone fountains. Lightweight materials like acrylic resin offer an affordable alternative replicating the look of sandstone, concrete and such. Manufacturer, Beckett Fountains, produces a vast amount of lightweight water features, as do others.

Keep in mind that in addition to enjoying a garden fountain you may also want to at some point build a pond. This isn't as difficult as it sounds especially since the marketplace is filled with kits and components that include pond pumps, liners, filters and even pond lights.

Indoor Fountain Selection:

Interior fountains are available in all sizes (mini, small, medium, and large) and come with all of the essential plumbing and pumps. Indoor water fountains are designed to be easy to set up. In most cases requiring only the need to add water and plug in. This is the case with most floor and table top fountains. For indoor wall mounted systems you will need to mount on your wall.

Brands such as Water Wonders manufacture floor, table top and wall fountains utilizing copper, slate, stones, glass and chrome. These water fountains are exquisite and not only add decoration, but are works of art! And for works of art, Harvey Gallery, produces a vast selection of hand painted wall art fountains made with resin/acrylic and copper. Other quality designers and brands: Nayer Kazemi and Kenroy.

Garden Fountain Accessories:

If you are a do-it-yourself person, you may enjoy the creative challenge of building your own fountain. Building a table top fountain is an easy way to begin and you can buy all the necessary accessories: bowl, submersible pump, piping, pebbles rocks, slate tiers and more online. You can also purchase fountain lights and foggers (misters) for effect.

If you are currently enjoying a garden or indoor water fountain, parts may fail over time and need to be replaced. You can buy replacement pumps, lights, aerators and such to keep your fountain running smoothly. Fountain cleaning products such as: Small Fountain Clear and Large Fountain Clear (safe for humans, pets and fish) helps to ensure clear, sparkling water. This treatment will keep your water filters and pumps stay free from organic debris.

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