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Harvey Gallery Fountains - Interior Wall Art Fountains!

Nothing at all compares to Harvey Gallery wall art fountains. Designed with acrylic paints, Harvey Gallery Fountains creates unique indoor wall fountains that flow on top of decorative paintings. With the look of Picasso, Renoir or Monet these paintings are colorful and fun. Some of the best sellers include names like: Vineyard, San Francisco Night, Koi, Creation, Monet's Dream and Fireflies.

Harvey Gallery offers something different. Adding a touch to many of their fountains, lights have been introduced to create the glow of stars and fireflies. These tiny lights are optional and are made from high tech strands of rice lights (they don't put out much heat and last up 5000 hours).

If you are interested in buying a Harvey Gallery wall fountain, prices range from around $980 to $10,000. Some favorite hanging locations include: home, business, lobbies, galleries, spas, waiting rooms, restaraunts and more.

Additional fountains from this designer and manufacturer include outdoor fountains such as Athena, Diana and Garden Lilly fountain.

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