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Garden Water Fountains - Why they are useful in design!

Imagine the garden water fountains within courtyards and squares in Moorish influenced southern Spain in the 16th century. Garden fountains have been spouting water since before this time; however, the influence of water fountains in our gardens is much the same to today as in centuries past.

Garden fountain décor

Garden fountains offer some very useful elements in design and décor. For the homeowner, the welcoming effect, and focal element a fountain offers is tremendous. For soothing the mind and relaxing the spirit, the sounds of water work wonders. For decorative effect, water fountains can add elegance (see bronze fountains). They can also add to the décor of your backyard garden: a sleek style contemporary fountain made from resin acrylic and finished in chrome or stainless steel; or a true spherical or elliptical fountain made from stone for modern outdoor décor.

Commercial garden fountains (BENEFITS)

For commercial use outdoor garden fountains advertise. For mall entrances, libraries, museums - the visual and sound effect of the 2 and 3 tiered splashing fountains says: look at me much as does a neon sign advertisement.

In addition, the sound of splashing water helps to mitigate annoying sounds such as the freeway or busy intersection. For hot summer climates, moving water also has the benefit of providing a cooling effect. Fountains do this very well.

Overall, a fountain provides a wonderful focal point. With many styles and price ranges available, a water fountain is within reach for just about everyone. With the use of lightweight materials - fiberglass and resin acrylic - faux style: bronze, copper, brass, stone, and concrete fountains can be purchased at very affordable prices.

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