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Fountain Accessories - From Pond Aerators to Fountain Cleaners, Pumps and Lights!

Whether you've recently purchased a fountain or have had one for years, you know the importance of keeping them running. As equipment fails you will need to replace. Fountain accessories such as fountain lights, pumps, and filters are not difficult to replace and you can buy them conveniently online.

Pump sizes

An important fountain accessory is the pump. Should yours need replacement consider the following pump sizes for: table top, floor, wall, and garden fountains.

  • For a small fountain try an 80 GPH pump
  • For a medium fountain try a 170 GPH pump
  • For a large fountain and small yard ponds, try a 300 GPH pump

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Accessories for making your own fountain

For fountain lighting accessories there are a number of kits available, especially if you choose to make your water feature. Building a table top fountain is an easy way to begin and you can buy all the necessary accessories: bowl, submersible pump, piping, pebbles rocks, slate tiers and more online. You can also accessorize your fountain with: fountain lights and foggers (misters) for effect.

For a complete selection of accessories we recommend

Fountain cleaning products

To keep clean, fountain cleaning products such as: Small Fountain Clear and Large Fountain Clear helps to ensure clear, sparkling water. This treatment will keep your water filters and pumps free from organic debris. (safe for humans, pets and fish)

Pond aerators improve water quality!

If you have a pool or lake fountain, pond aerators add to the decorative appeal of your water feature as well as assisting you to improve your water quality. A brand to consider is Kasco Marine. With them you will find many pond aerator models to choose from, in addition to low voltage pond lighting. Choose from brass, LED, and some packages offer colored bulbs for dramatic effect.

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