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Fountain Accessories Articles

Learn more about fountain and water feature accessories such as pumps, cleaners and pond spitters so that you can keep your water feature running properly.

Materials Needed to Build a Pond
Are you thinking about building a pond in your backyard?

Solar Bird Baths - Let the Birds Know you are Green!
If you want to provide local birds a place to clean-off or get a drink of water a solar bird bath is a nice way to go. And beyond enjoying the birds that come to visit, the solar powered low voltage pump provides a steady stream of flowing water that makes a relaxing sound.

Solar Pond Pumps - The Eco-Friendly Way to Save you Money!
Looking to buy a solar pond pump but don't really know much about it? Well don't worry. We're going to address several issues concerning solar pond pumps and by time you're finished reading, you'll be armed with information.

Pond Lights - Great Options in Solar, Underwater and Floating
One of the ways you can highlight the beautiful focal-features of your pond at night is to install pond lights. These lights come in kit-form, or you can buy parts separately, and put together the necessary components on your own.

Beckett Pumps - Best in Fountains and Ponds
Folks, here are several Bestselling Pumps by Beckett. The pump is one of the most important components in both fountains and ponds.

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