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Copper Fountains - From Rain Chains and Solar to Tabletop and Copper Wall Fountains!

Such a well loved material, copper finds itself in some of the most decorative garden fountains around. For indoor and out, copper fountains are designed and manufactured by a number of popular water fountain makers. Copper indoor fountains retain either the shiny mirrored surface or are finished with an element of smokiness.

Exceptional copper material fountains made by American manufacturer, Water Wonders, include materials such as: glass, pebbles, slate and Italian copper. (Indoor, outdoor available)

These fountains are designed to be hung on the wall, placed on the floor, positioned on the tabletop, or placed in the garden. Each Water Wonders copper fountain is hand made: Italian copper is hand sheared and formed, Indian slate is cut and smothered and pebbles are placed by hand. The result: exceptional artwork fountains you will want to own!

For outdoor enjoyment copper crafted fountains are available as solar or electrically powered. Several copper solar fountain available include cascading copper dishes in which the gentle flow of water will cascade down like a soothing and inspirational waterfall. Overtime, this copper will patina and add to the character of the piece. If you don't like the effect of verdigis patina you can use a copper cleaner.

A few other designers who create fountains using copper: Nayer Kazemi, and Harvey Gallery. Kenroy fountains, many of which are made of acrylic resin are finished with copper.

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