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Concrete Fountains - Resin Acrylic with a Concrete Finish is Most Popular!

There are a number of types of concrete fountains available for enhancing outdoor décor. There are the true concrete garden fountains that are durable and extremely heavy and the lighter weight fountains that contain cast stone or a concrete finish to look like a true concrete fountain. How to choose? If cost is a factor, the alternative, resin acrylic with a concrete finish the way to go. Plus you'll save your back!

Comparison: Genuine concrete versus resin acrylic (faux) concrete fountain

If you had to guess which one is more popularly purchased, a genuine concrete fountain or birdbath versus one made to look like concrete, which would you guess? Well, based upon price factors, maintenance factors and weight: the answer would be the resin acrylic concrete fountain.

With an alternative fountain manufacturing material, one such as resin acrylic, water fountain manufacturers are able to design lighter weight fountains without the price.

This material also requires far less-maintenance than a concrete made fountain that must be protected in harsh winter climates. The maintenance and care of a faux-concrete fountain is minimal. Keep the water clear with fountain cleaners and replace parts (pump and plumbing) as needed and not much more. Another benefit, faux fountains will not crack or loose color.

An authentic concrete outdoor fountain, on the other hand, can be expensive. You can expect to spend several hundred dollars and up to thousands of dollars depending on size and detailing.

However, these fountains are worth it. Especially if you have a permanent spot as they are extremely heavy. These fountains can be beautiful and can last many generations if cared for properly.

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