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Materials Needed to Build a Pond

Are you thinking about building a pond in your backyard? Well you're not alone. Many people decide to construct their own pond each year and the results bring about an engaging water feature filled with plants and fish. A simple design can be very inexpensive to build; if you do-it-yourself. Materials which include: pump, liner and filtration system will vary depending on the scope of the pond you will be building. Costs increase when you need to hire an electrician or contractor to run a GFI electrical outlet outdoors to run the pump and possibly filter. Don't forget to add additional GFI protected plugs to include pond lights. (Note: Electricity must be located nearby, but at least 6 feet away from the pond to avoid electrocution.)

Materials to build your pond:

  • Liner
  • Pump
  • Filter
  • Pond cleaner

Pond liner - This is a flexible or rigid material used to line your pond. According to many experts in water feature design, EPDM, a rubber product which is watertight, UV resistant, and will not become brittle over time is the best liner material available. How to determine how much flexible pond liner you will need? Calculate the pond dimensions. Length + 2X depth + 2 feet (for extra liner over top edge) = length of pond liner needed. Width + 2X depth + 2 feet (for extra liner over top edge) = width of pond liner needed. To figure the dimension of pond liner needed look at your pond length and width. Liners can be sold in 15' and 20' widths, and up to 100' lengths. All pond types require liner.

Pump - All ponds require a pump to circulate water and keep it from getting stagnant. To determine the type of pump your pond will require you will need to access the Bioload. (Bioload is a factor that will increase with plants, fish and sunlight). If your pond will be without plants and fish, buy a supreme Mag Drive. You can also use the Mag Drive if you will be adding only a few goldfish and no plants. For medium to heavy bioloads, such as a pond with a few goldfish and plants or a few Koi fish with plants buy a Solids Handling Pump.

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Pond Filter - Not all ponds require the use of a filter, Bioload is the determining factor. A pond without plants or fish has no Bioload and no filter is needed. You will, however, need to use water treatments. If your pond has a few goldfish but is without plants, this is a low Bioload, buy a Supreme 1000 or 2000 In-Water Filter. Plan to have a few goldfish and plants? Use an Out-Of-Water Pressurized Filter. Plan on having several Koi and plants? This heavy Bioload requires an Out-of-Water Pressurized Filter.

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