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Bronze Fountains - Choose Budget or Henri Fountains Made from the Lost Wax Technique!

Elegant in stature and status, bronze fountains are in a class by themselves. The overwhelming beauty of such detailed design has captured our attention since antiquity. Bronze statues abound in Europe, many with verdigris patina. In the U.S., if you're willing to spend the money, bronze water fountains can be had.

A look alike, brass, is a good choice if you are looking for pool and pond spitters. These spitters feature cranes, frogs and dolphins and spit piped water (also referred to as fountain sculpture statue). For beautifully designed fountain spitters, take a look at Brass Baron.

Looking to Buy a Bronze Fountain?

For a complete selection of bronze fountains, bird baths and pond spitters we recommend:

There are a number of bronze garden fountains. These are available in a wide variety of themes. You will find bronze children fountains or another favorite, lion head wall fountains. In bronze you will also find statue fountains made with tiers. If you have kids and like child themed fountains consider these favorites: children with fish, boy with 3 dolphins, and 3 girl fountain.

Although being made in solid brass compared to other materials is expensive, these fountains and statue figures are extremely durable and maintain a beautiful look for many generations.

Henri Fountains Elite

When you're looking for the best, buying a bronze fountain made using the lost wax process (very labor intensive and expensive process) is the way to go! This bronze casting process is used by popular water fountain manufacturer Henri Fountains (Henri Studio). Henri Elite designs elegant bronze fountainry and sculptures using the lost wax method and is worth checking out. This manufacturer is well represented online.

Best Affordable Bronze Fountain

If you desire a bronze water feature, but your budget is tight, consider buying a designer resin fountain with the look of true bronze. Take a look at Oracle fountains and other quality brands.

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