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Beckett Pumps - Best in Fountains and Ponds

Folks, here are several Bestselling Pumps by Beckett. The pump is one of the most important components in both fountains and ponds. Keeping the filter clean, if it comes with your unit, is always important. By doing so, you will maintain the integrity of the pump and keep it working properly.

Beckett 70 GPH Pump

  • Good for Tabletop and small indoor/outdoor fountains

With a 2.5 foot pumping height the Beckett 70 GPH pump is the correct replacement for all tabletop fountains and small indoor and outdoor fountains


  • Adjustable flow lever
  • Pumps 60 gallons of water per hour
  • Four suction cups will easily adhere to underwater fountain area
  • Includes: 6 foot power cord, AA batteries, 1 year warranty

Where to Buy

Price: $12

Note: You will need to buy ½ inch tubing for connections

Beckett 130 GPH Pump

  • Good for small and medium-sized fountains

With a 4.5 foot pumping height the Beckett 130gpm pump is the correct replacement for all small and medium size fountains.


15 foot power cord and 1 year warranty

Beckett 325 GPH Pond Pump (Versa Gold)

  • Good for medium sized ponds

This medium pond pump will circulate water and can reach a pumping height of 12.2 feet. The direct drive epoxy encapsulated design can pump up to 300 gph. The Beckett Versa gold can be used in a number of water features including: ponds, spa creations, and fountain nozzles. The pump is heavy enough to remain flat underwater without the need for suction cups. Clean by removing the inlet screen (easy).


  • Adjustable water flow
  • 20 foot extension cord
  • wet rotor pump

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