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Beckett Garden Fountains - Modern fountain for contemporary outdoor decor!

If you are looking to buy an affordable contemporary garden fountain - one that is lightweight and bares the resemblance of true stone take a look at Beckett garden fountains, several nice choices exist.

Go simple, go contemporary

One of the top selling Beckett fountains, great for contemporary décor, is the stylish Beckett Shimmering Falls Fountain.

  • this 46-pound lightweight fountain is made from resin. It's beauty lies in the fact that it looks like the real thing
  • comes complete with recirculating pump and low voltage lights
  • has all of the bells and whistles at a reasonable price: sells for around $200

Where to Buy

Price: $199
Free Shipping

Another modern Beckett fountain, Beckett Ancient Falls Slate Fountain designed with natural slate stone is a great garden addition. This Becket fountain can go indoors or out and is a nice small floor fountain. Sells for around $315 to $399

And finally, the Beckett Classic Cistern Fountain is another desirable bargain fountain. This Beckett classic style piece can accommodate fish. Although this is a traditional style fountain, its' simplicity makes it appealing to add to any style backyard garden, even modern. Color is lead! Sells for around $100.

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